Trainers with two dogs inside an electric dog fence

Factors to Consider in Purchasing your Electric Dog Fence

Many people usually choose electric fences for dogs pros and cons as a kind of system for containment because it is economical and installation is very easy compared to the traditional fence. When you need to contain you dog in a bigger area, the job can be done for around $300. However, if you will choose the traditional fence, it will cost you not just hundreds of dollars but thousands.

If you will consider this kind of containment as an option, you need to have a commitment in training your dog to follow and respect your established boundaries. See Amazon for a great variety of invisible dog fence systems.

Using the electric dog fence provides numerous benefits. Unleashed dogs usually wander into the yards of your neighbors that can cause damage to properties and can add stress to you and your family. By using an electric fence, you can keep your pet inside your yard, prevent them from damaging your neighbor’s properties and keep them safe from being run by vehicles. This kind of fence is proven to be reliable and effective after your dog undergoes proper training.

Types of Electric Fence

Electric dog fence is becoming very popular in the market as more and more people are choosing this type of containment. This is because undoubtedly, they are the most versatile and portable compared to other types of dog fences. Electric fence is available in 2 types and they are wireless fence and underground fence.

Underground Fence

Sometimes referred as in-ground fence, underground fence consists of wires that can be stapled on the boards located above the ground or buried several inches beneath the ground. The electronic fence system utilizes a radio collar with transmitter to send radio signal going to the collar. In response, the electronic collar delivers static form correction. With training and static form correction, it will teach your dogs to follow your established boundaries.

It is more advantageous to use an underground fence compared to dog invisible fence wireless because it offers you the opportunity to customize the fence according to the shape and size of your yard and also allows you to contain bigger area. This type of fence also offers reliable and safe option without installing the traditional fence.

Although underground fence needs more time to install compared to the traditional one, it is easier to do since it comes with instructions that are easy to understand and follow. During installations, you can put flags close enough to the fence. These flags will serve as markers so that you and your pet will see the boundaries and it can also help during training. Your dog will feel electronic static as he approaches the electric dog fence that will prevent him from crossing the electronic pet door.

Wireless Fence

Another type of electric dog fence is the wireless dog fence which is a great option in giving your furry friend the freedom to play and roam around while keeping him safe in your yard. This type of fence is also called instant fence and provides you with portable options that you cannot obtain from other kinds of fencing systems. One great thing about wireless fence is that you can unplug it from the yard and bring it when you go on a vacation.

You can also install it with ease by just plugging the transmitter then set the marker flags around the containment area and you are done. Wireless fence is ideal for open area but it does not work very well through trees and walls as it affects the reliability and efficiency of the fence. This type of electric dog fence is designed with 2 components and they are electronic collar and transmitter.

Wireless fence also has transmitter that delivers signal which is then received by the dog’s electric collar. It operates in the same manner as the underground fence but the major difference is that a wireless fence cannot be adjusted and the containment area is limited to oval shape. If you want to increase the boundary of your wireless fence, you need to add extra transmitter in order to cover a bigger containment area.

The boundary specifications and containment area vary depending upon the manufacturer. When using this type of electric dog fence, the electronic collar will activate every time your dog cross the boundary area and will receive either static shock or beep form correction depending upon the settings that you are utilizing.

All models and manufactures of electric dog fence use electronic stimulation correction which is needed in containing and training your dog. The static shock can be adjusted to different levels in order to accommodate the needs and temperament of your furry friend.

Choosing the Company for your Electric Fence

There are many reputable companies in the electronic industry of dog fence that you can choose from. Among these leading manufacturers, you will obtain the most reliable and the highest quality of dog containment systems available in the market today. However, choosing the right manufacturer can be a daunting task that is why you need to take a look on these following considerations.


There are numerous dog fences in that market. Unfortunately, not all of them are made from high quality and cannot last for a longer period of time. Before purchasing, ensure that you research online and read the reviews made by previous customers. Some companies allow their clients to handle the electronic dog fence and they also provide demonstration.

Knowledge of the Employees

It is important that your chosen company has technical knowledge and skills about wireless electric dog fence and dog fencing. In addition, they should also know about dog psychology, dog training as well as the principles of dog behavior. Since every dog has different personality and needs individualized training, it is vital that that the employers have in-depth training knowledge with the E-collar.

Customer Service

Since dog fencing has special concerns, it is essential that your chosen company provides excellent customer service. Equipment and other components of dog fence deteriorate and the behavior of your dog is also susceptible to change. If these changes occur, a company that can help you solve your problems is very crucial. A crucial factor in choosing a proper fencing system is using the proper materials, dog fence wire, splices and flags can be found on various sites.

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If these guidelines are followed when choosing your electric dog fence, you are assured that your dog will be happy and safe in your yard.