Blood spotted in dog urine

Blood Spotted in your Dog Urine

You would surely be bothered when you spot some blood in dog urine since this is quite an odd thing to observe even with humans. When this happen, you must bring your dog to a veterinarian right away as this could get serious if not taken care of immediately. The blood in your dog’s urine may just be a minor illness but it would be best to have it checked as early as possible so you can save your dog from any probable sickness.

Causes of Blood in Dog Urine

  • Stones such as Kidney or Bladder may cause some bloody stain in your dog’s urine. Such condition can become unbearable for your dog as this is a bit painful to endure. There are some medicines that are proven effective in eliminating either kidney or bladder stones but these are just limited. If the available medications are not helpful in getting rid of these stones, the last option in treating your dog’s condition is through surgery.
  • Infections are the most common cause of blood stain in dog’s urine and there are numerous kinds of infections that may affect your dog’s health which could become serious if not treated properly. Just like humans, dog infections need antibiotics for treatment or some kind of a special diet.

Common Symptoms

  • Continuous whining due to awful pain
  • Less appetite
  • Does not want to drink water
  • Constant tiredness

Disturbing as it may seem when you notice your dog has blood in urine but the best thing you can do is not to panic. You have to think clearly for your dog’s safety. You need to ask some professional advice from a veterinarian before you do some home treatment. It would still be best if your dog will be treated by a vet as soon as possible so you can be sure that whatever causes the blood stain will be simply cured.