Man in a tent with his dog

Must-Have Gears For Camping With Your Dog

For a pet owner, nothing gets better than exploring the great outdoors along with the canine friends. Camping has always been a great way to form a strong bond with the dog that happens away from the distractions of life at the home. But before you hit the trail with your pet, it is important to make sure that you have all the supplies handy in order to have a successful campaign trip with your dog.

Are you unsure of what exactly you need on the camping with your dog? If yes, don’t worry as we have got you covered. Here in this post, you will get to know all those essential gears that you must have before you embark on a dog’s camping adventures.

First Aid Kit

This is something that you have that you never have to use, but you never want to be without. Although some items commonly found in the human kits can be used or applied on dogs as well, there are certain pet specific equipment that are only available with pet first aid kits. Before you buy one, make sure to check out the first aid kit and ensure that it has all essential units that you can use when needed during an emergency.


The one you hang on the back of the door for daily walking of the dog will not work out when in the wild. You need to step it up to something that has got more to offer and, of course, more strength. There are hiking leashes available in the market, and they are preferred for hiking, running, walking and even more. The biggest reason is the indestructible nature of the leashes. You get the adjustable length, and it helps you maintain the distance between you and the pet.

Dog Camping Bed

After a long hectic day of hiking, you need to rest and have a sound sleep, and so does your dog. Thus, you need to have a dog camping bed so that your pet sleeps on it and regains energy for the next day. There are innumerable options available with a wide range of purposes to it, making it very confusing to choose the best dog camping bed. The key to choosing the best dog bed for your camping should be based on certain factors like

  • It should be water-resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Rolls into a compact size
  • Easy to clean

Make sure that your product adheres to all the criteria discussed above.

Cooling Vest

If you are planning for camping trips in summer, which most of the people plan for, having a cooling vest is extremely important to keep your dog comfortable and cool. Cooling vests are light coloured vests that you make wet, squeeze them out, and then put on the dog to keep them cool.

These vests are very handy if near a river or a lake. It is because you can easily get it wet and wrong whenever it dries out from the last round. These are also important on hiking because dogs can’t sweat, and this is the only way that helps them stay protected from overheating.

Fencing Options

It is understandable that you are going for a hiking trail with your dog; you must have a mutual understanding. But the inquisitive nature of the dogs makes them try or explore anything and everything that can bring danger to them.

This is why you must carry and install an invisible fence around the camp side just like you do around the backyard or in the garden area. This will help your pet to remain in the secured area in the woods and will remain protected from getting into the traps of any unwanted dangers.

Safety Light

Safety lights are indeed one of the best parts of the camping gear that you must have. If you have plans to enjoy the clear night sky with your pet out in the wilderness along with slow songs, you need to have it.

It is because enjoying the night sky can be awfully dark out there. Having a collar light is indeed one of the most affordable to keep your dog visible even in the darkness of the campsite. There are several brands that make water-resistant, durable and clip-on LED collar lights with long battery life and extra brightness. You can get a hold on any of them to include in the camping gear.

So, now that you are aware of the important camping gear you must have while camping, it’s high time to get them ready and handy. Make sure to get all those gear and essentials only from a reputed and reliable vendor so that you can make the most of the camping adventure out there with your pet.